About Us
For quite a long time, finding talented individuals to work in the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY  has been Quite a challenge.   This web-site was designed specifically by a team of individuals who have been working in the employment recruiting business for nearly 25 years.  We have compiled our proprietary tools that we used in compiling resumes.  YOU have just been looking in ALL THE WRONG PLACES!  We give you access to our resume portal, that WE would use and charge a business like yours thousands and thousands of dollars to HEAD hunt a candidate, for a mere fraction of the cost..   
Also, every year, the hole between the occupations becomes increasingly larger to target top quality applicants.  The reason for this is we have not taught the younger generations that working with your ands can be a lucrative and financially rewarding career.  Add to that, the disappearing of service (gas) stations whom used to hire gas pumpers, and then groom them for a technician…have all but disappeared!!
We set out to solve one , biggest problem facing Auto Repair facilities today and into the future.  We believe we will IMPRESS you… see what you have been missing. 
To finish it off, Owners and Managers of shops essentially don't have sufficient energy expected to discover the general population they urgently require.
We Do this Because
Our underlying foundations are in the Service business. We aren't your run of the mill enlisting administration or employment board in that we've been in your shoes and comprehend the troubles that go into this business.  While you were repair of selling cars, we were busing finding people for many different industries. The objective isn't to simply make situations easier however to improve the business. Our calling is to interfuse extraordinary individuals that can get that going for you.